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Asian Center Services during COVID-19 Health Emergency

Message from Asian Center CEO

As you know these are uncertain times and we are doing our part at the Asian Center to be a source of trusted information about COVID-19 to our clients who have a language or cultural barrier.


The staff are still very busy making phone calls and deliveries to our clients; particularly our seniors need food and medicine delivered. Staff are still doing a lot of coordinating of care for everyone. We're doing our best to keep everyone safe. Seniors that can't take a photo of their mail and text it when they have questions will leave their materials at their doorstep for our staff to pick up and they can evaluate its importance. People are still getting mail where they worry about benefits, etc. Youth Coordinators are using video conferencing technology to talk to youth and their families.


We are doing our best to provide area agencies whatever they need in terms of translation as well. The staff are monitoring the misinformation that is being shared by their clients and we are creating responses to these as well. Staff and clients are also extremely concerned about racism and violence towards Asians at this time. A Karen father and son were just attacked in Texas with a knife and our community here is feeling extremely vulnerable.


Sheila Dorsey Vinton

Executive Director/CEO



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