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What We Do

The Asian Community & Cultural Center’s services and programs focus on increasing the stability of immigrant and refugee families in Lincoln who face economic and cultural barriers to self-sufficiency as New Americans. While the needs this population faces may be common, no other entity in Lincoln provides culturally specific services for Asians . We also provide culturally sensitive services to Sudanese families. For the larger immigrant community, the Center offers intensive English language classes three times per week with the addition of advanced writing and pronunciation classes, and weekly citizenship classes. Our Asian and Sudanese clients enjoy weekly women's groups, senior computer classes, and services and weekly group meetings for youth and seniors, translation and interpretation services, tax preparation assistance, and support regarding INS documents. The Asian Center also provides support with health care issues, including assistance in making doctors’ appointments and visits; domestic violence counseling and guidance, employment assistance, and this fall we are launching a new program to teach communication strategies for parents and their teenagers with the ultimate goal of preventing substance abuse.

Additionally, the Center hosts cultural festivals and celebrations that bring people together to learn about, recognize, and celebrate their unique cultural and ethnic origins. With our recently formed Cultural Arts Troupe, we provide beautiful performances for the public. We also share our cultures with free tai chi and yoga classes and other educational experiences.