Honoring Immigrant Women Leaders

The Asian Center’s space was full of smiling faces, fragrant coffee and tea, and a cross-section of nationalities who gathered to celebrate women in our community. We heard from our Women’s Program Manager, Khamisa Abdalla, about the value that Asian Center women’s programs have brought the community over the last 15 years.

Executive Director Sheila Dorsey Vinton recognized Khamisa for her leadership and sacrifice. A panel of immigrant women entrepreneurs, each of whom came through the Asian Center’s programs, were honored for their strength, tenacity, and resilience.

Key women’s program volunteers were recognized for their faithful service to the community.

Energy rose with cultural performances from a variety of groups celebrating through song and dance.

A Sudanese elder shared words of wisdom with the room, congratulating the entrepreneurs and challenging everyone to make the most of opportunities.

The event concluded with an array of food and beverages that continued the multicultural theme.

In 2023, Asian Center women’s programs have served over 370 immigrant and refugee women in Lincoln helping newcomers integrate and acclimate to our city in order to thrive.

What a beautiful way to celebrate the accomplishments of women in our community!