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Celebrating Asian Heritage and Serving All Immigrants.

Join us to buy or sell and to support the Asian Community and Cultural Center every second Saturday of the month, starting December 9th. This will be a chance for you to try different traditional asian food, clothing, ornaments and more.



Sheila Dorsey Vinton from the Asian Community & Cultural Center of Lincoln, NE checks out the Vietnamese cuisine at Vung Tau Restaurant and learns about some of their traditional dishes from owner, Truy An Pham.

The Asian Community & Cultural Center (ACCC) supports and empowers all refugees and immigrants through programs and services.
Rebecca Reinhardt is leading her second sewing class at ACCC this year. “Through this program women are able to gain a new skill and through this sewing class we’re adding education about domestic violence, financial education, and self-protection...

"The Asian Center works mostly with Vietnamese, Karen, Sudanese Chinese, and Yazidi groups. Collectively, [Sheila Dorsey] Vinton said her staff speaks 15 different languages, and serve as cultural brokers for new arrivals. 'They're peers of our clients. So they know exactly what they're going through and what challenges they might have.'"
Lots of us are doing good work in Lincoln. Have a listen!