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It is our mission to support and empower Asian people while sharing our culture with the entire community through our programs and services.

Each year, around the holiday season, the Asian Community & Cultural presents 12 Stories of clients who had been positively impacted by its services as well as stories of staff members who have dedicated their career to serving their community.

To Get Involved, click "Donate" at the top right corner. Even a $5 donation, an equivalent of a coffee drink can make an impact.

1st Story - Celebrate Citizenship Attainment!

2nd Story - Celebrate A Student's Dream!

Learn how to make Celeriac Soup with our Executive Director, Sheila Vinton! This recipe was part of the Urban Homestead Series (In the Kitchen), a partnership of Asian Community & Cultural Center, Community Crops, and Open Harvest Co-op Grocery.
Click to download our healthy and yummy celeriac recipe here!

Event Calendar

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Youth Programs

Youth on the Move is a mentoring program sponsored through Lincoln Parks and Recreation.

Our AmeriCorps member, Kelsey Lee, supports high school students through programs that:

  • offer academic support
  • promote social and physical well-being
  • strengthen connections to school and family

Meeting Time Meeting Place Focus
Youth Leadership Program Tuesdays, 2:15-4:30pm Lincoln High, room 100D Students direct a digital storytelling project about Lincoln's Karen community called "Tah Ka Pal."
Life After High School Mondays & Wednesdays, 3:15-5pm Lincoln High, room 100D Support for students to explore career options, create resumes, apply for scholarships and financial aid, write college application essays and more.

Senior Programs

All seniors are welcome! Programs meet in the ACCC classrooms. Transportation can be provided.

Meeting Time Focus Contact
Vietnamese Thursdays, 9-1pm Citizenship, Health, and Conversational English Linh, linh@lincolnasiancenter.org
Sudanese Saturdays, 12:30-4:30pm Health, U.S. culture, interpretation services Khamisa, tomakambal@gmail.com
Karen Tuesdays, 11:30-1:30pm Citizenship, healthy living, and interpretation services Hsa Eh Moo, hsaemoo@lincolnasiancenter.org

ELL and Citizenship Classes

All Level ELL
Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7:30pm. This is a free course, open to anyone who wants to improve their speaking skills. Contact jenna@lincolnasiancenter.org for more information.
Advanced Writing
Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-5pm. This is a free course, open to anyone who wants to improve their writing skills. Focus on professional and academic writing for emails and essays. Contact jenna@lincolnasiancenter.org
Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm. These are free, hour-long classes to practice interviewing skills and civics questions for the citizenship exam. Contact jenna@lincolnasiancenter.org for more information.
Vietnamese Language
Mondays and Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm.

Women's Groups

Meeting Time Focus Contact
Young Women's Leadership Council Sundays, 4-6pm Leadership development and community service. Open to all high school girls. See what we're doing this week on Facebook! Kelsey, kelsey@lincolnasiancenter.org
Karen Women's Group Wednesdays, 10am-12pm Citizenship, conversational English, driver's permit training Hsah Eh Moo, hsaemoo@lincolnasiancenter.org
Sudanese Women's Group Saturdays, 12:30-4:30pm Citizenship, conversational English, and translation services. Khamisa Abdulla, tomakambal@gmail.com
International Women's Group last Saturday of the month, 1:30-3:30pm Helps women who come to the US to marry American men find friends and learn US laws and customs. Rebecca Reinhardt, rebecca@lincolnasiancenter.org

Special Programs

Minority Health Program
The Asian Center provides health assistance to clients who are low income and have no kind of health insurance to be able to access health care services and have a medical home. If you do not have insurance or a regular doctor, please call Linh at 402-477-3446 for more information.
Domestic Violence Cultural Liaison
There is no excuse for abuse. If someone you love is experiencing violence, or if you have questions you would like to answers to, help is available at the Asian Community and Cultural Center. We have trained staff who speak Vietnamese, Chinese, Karen, and Arabic.
Tai Chi
To its practitioners world wide, Tai Chi Chuan (also spelled as taijiquan) is enjoyed as a martial art, a form of exercise, and a meditative activity. The movements, while rooted in self-defense actions, are performed very slowly, softly and gracefully. The Asian Center Tai Chi group welcomes all people regardless of prior experience and physical condition. To join our group just call Gary Yuen at (402) 431-2353.
Creating Lasting Family Connections
The ACCC is excited to offer this 18-week program to families in the community to foster better communication between teenagers and parents and to provide strategies to reduce/prevent substance abuse in teens. We offer this program in Vietnamese, Karen, and Arabic. If you are interested in participating, please call 402-477-3446. For more information contact Sheila at sheila@lincolnasiancenter.org.
Tax Assistance Program
The Asian Community and Cultural Center is a participating agency in the VITA program which is overseen by the IRS. This program offers free tax preparation, and e-filing if the client chooses. We have a limited staff for this project, so we are only able to accept clients by appointment. If your taxes are waiting to be filed and you don't know what to do, call us at 402-477-3446 for more information. This program takes place in January, February, and March.

Get Involved


Volunteering can be a great learning experience, as well as a rewarding one, for anyone in the community. If you are interested in volunteering with other activities at the Asian Community Center, please call (402) 477-3446 or email kelsey@lincolnasiancenter.org to discuss opportunities. Download the volunteer application here. Our current volunteer positions include:

Classroom Assistant: The Asian Center hosts English and Citizenship classes for adults. The volunteer would aid in preparation of materials, classroom activities, and lead small groups of students.
Events Assistant: The Asian Center hosts various events throughout the year, and can use the help of volunteers during the events to make them successful!
Youth Programs Assistant: The Asian Center's Life After High School Program needs volunteers to mentor students one on one as they prepare for their futures.


The Asian Center will offer non-paid, part-time internships in four core areas: marketing, grant writing and resource development, program development and support, and website and social media development, starting in January, 2015. Please see descriptions of each position below. To apply, please complete the application and send a resume to kelsey@lincolnasiancenter.org.

Marketing Internship
Grant Writing and Resource Development Internship
Program Development and Support Internship
Website and Social Media Development Internship


As a non-profit, we are always accepting donations of any size, at any time. Please call (402) 477-3446 for more information. We now offer the opportunity to give online. Simply click on the "Donate" tab, below. You may donate by check to the address below:

Asian Community and Cultural Center 2635 O Street, Suite A Lincoln , NE 68510

Your donation is tax-deductible.



To support and empower Asian people while sharing our cultures with the entire community through our programs and services.


In 1992, under the auspices of the Lincoln Interfaith Council, organization began for the Asian Community and Cultural Center. Leaders in the community from multiple Asian backgrounds joined together, initially meeting in one another’s homes, to envision what the ACCC could become. They wanted to create a community space for education, welfare, recreation, and fellowship, to preserve cultural heritage and promote the well-being of their peoples. They imagined that the Center would serve both long-term and recently arrived immigrants and refugees from Asian countries as well as native born Asian Americans.
On October 1, 1994, the Center opened its doors at 140 S. 27th Street with bi-lingual Vietnamese speaking staff and on October 1, 1997 the Center hired its first Executive Director. In March 1998, ACCC became an Independent 501 (C) (3) Non Profit Corporation. Since its inception, the ACCC has been located near 27th and O Streets and is currently located at 2635 O Street. The ACCC was the home of the Fusion Project for six years, from 2006-2012, and served as a hub for all recently arrived refugee communities in Lincoln. Now after over 20 years of service, many immigrants and refugees still see the Asian Center as “home” regardless of ethnic background and national origin.


The Asian Community & Cultural Center’s services and programs focus on increasing the stability of immigrant and refugee families in Lincoln who face economic and cultural barriers to self-sufficiency as New Americans. While the needs this population faces may be common, no other entity in Lincoln provides culturally specific services for Asians . We also provide culturally sensitive services to Sudanese families. For the larger immigrant community, the Center offers intensive English language classes three times per week with the addition of advanced writing and pronunciation classes, and weekly citizenship classes. Our Asian and Sudanese clients enjoy weekly women's groups, senior computer classes, and services and weekly group meetings for youth and seniors, translation and interpretation services, tax preparation assistance, and support regarding INS documents. The Asian Center also provides support with health care issues, including assistance in making doctors’ appointments and visits; domestic violence counseling and guidance, employment assistance, and this fall we are launching a new program to teach communication strategies for parents and their teenagers with the ultimate goal of preventing substance abuse.

Additionally, the Center hosts cultural festivals and celebrations that bring people together to learn about, recognize, and celebrate their unique cultural and ethnic origins. With our recently formed Cultural Arts Troupe, we provide beautiful performances for the public. We also share our cultures with free tai chi and yoga classes and other educational experiences.


Sheila Dorsey Vinton
Executive Director
Sheila Vinton
Duy Linh Bui
Programs Coordinator
Duy Linh Bui
Ha Nhieu
Activities Assistant
Ha Nhieu

Khamisa Abdulla
Sudanese Advocate
Khamisa Abdulla
Hsa Eh Moo
Karen Cultural Coordinator
Hsa Eh Moo
JueYezi Reinhardt
Cultural Programs Coordinator
Rebecca Reinhardt

Tri Pham
AmeriCorps Member
Tri Pham
Htoo Wah
Karen Advocate
Kha Htoo
Tim Sandberg
Program Instructor
Tim Sandberg

Board of Directors

President Ia V. Hagan Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch
Vice President Sylvia Hall Retention Counselor
Past President Maria J. Thietje Attorney at Law
Demars, Gordon, Olson, Zalewski, Wynner
Treasurer Peter Sam Owner/Manager
Shen's Cafe
Secretary Maria de Guzman Associate Professor
UNL Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies
Executive Director Sheila Dorsey Vinton Ex-officio
Asian Community and Cultural Center

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Asian Community and Cultural Center
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Email: info@lincolnasiancenter.org
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