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ELL Classes



    Our English Classes are a great way to improve reading, writing, listening and speaking skills! Each class is held once a week either online or at the Asian Center, and all classes do count towards ADC requirements. See the flyer above for our current class times and levels.

    Contact Joy Oyebefun to register or for more information: or call 402-417-0683.


    The Asian Center offers free 4 week class sessions for immigrants who want to get their LEARNER'S PERMIT.

    - Classes are once a week for 1-2 hours. See flyer above for our current class times.
    - Students will learn the rules of the road in America in a classroom environment, as well as the English they will need to know for their test.
    - Some classes may be held in other languages such as Pashto, Arabic, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, etc. and some will be in basic English with lots of pictures and practice tests.
    - At the end, students will receive a certificate for completing the class (not valid at the DMV) and the opportunity to go to the DMV with a translator.
    - There is NO driving practice in a real car.

    **Students wanting to take the DRIVING TEST can schedule an appointment to use our driving simulator, where they can practice driving WITHOUT getting in a real car. It is recommended that students come to use the driving simulator for at least two weeks, one hour per week to get the minimum experience needed to pass their test. After that, students can come back as many times as needed.

    To make an appointment or register for class, please send an email to or call 402-417-0683.